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Dead by Daylight Survey May Hint at Future New Game Modes

The Dead by Daylight team has recently linked an interesting survey to their official social media page, which may act as a preview for some fresh gameplay modes in the future. At first glance, the survey in question seems to focus on player satisfaction and starts off with some rather generic questions about the game. However, at one point, those who took the survey were asked to rate several new Dead by Daylight gameplay ideas by how exciting and compelling they seemed.

Initially released in 2016, Dead by Daylight is an exclusively online asymmetrical multiplayer horror game featuring five players, with one of them playing as the Killer and seeking to eliminate the others by impaling them on a hook, while the other four take the roles of Survivors that have to escape the map as fast as possible. The title quickly turned out to be very popular with horror gaming enthusiasts which prompted Dead by Daylight to evolve as developers added a plethora of new gameplay-changing updates.

At the time of writing, the Dead by Daylight survey posted on Twitter is still available for anyone to complete. One fascinating thing about the survey is that its later pages describe multiple sets of new gameplay experiences that seem to suggest the release of various exciting new game modes in the future. Survey takers are asked to rate a number of innovative game modes by how much they would enjoy playing them. Some of those choices involve elements like a swapped perspective, where the Killer plays in 3rd person while the Survivors play in 1st person. Another fascinating potential Dead by Daylight mode is 2v8 Party, where two killers would face off against eight survivors, with hooks being removed.